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Real expertise.  Real results.


Navigating uncertainty in the marketplace and enormous amounts of data has made strategic planning the art of guesswork in many organizations.  I built annual and long-range business plans before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic that not only were accurate - but persisted and set up our business for long-term success.  I can help your business analyze, ideate, refine, and decide on sustainable strategy with a structured and repeatable process.


The key to successful customer development is aligning on joint goals that both organizations want to pursue with enthusiasm.  At The Coca-Cola Company, I designed and implemented a growth framework that became the foundation for collaborative business planning used around the globe.  And importantly - enabled Sales teams to sell against customer objectives vs. scrambling for internal buy-in and retrofitting brand plans.

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More is the same about digital commerce and analog commerce than many will admit or realize.  Strong integration with the "legacy" business and/or an understanding of fundamentals of merchandising will go a long way to advancing your online business.  I led a $5B digital business from 2019-2023, starting at $800M - and the keys were clear strategy, brilliant content, ruthless prioritization, and media analytics.  Let me help you advance your digital business.

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Are your teams struggling on prioritization and effective negotiations?  Or are you looking to break through the noise and engage buyers directly?  I have led customer segmentation, sales strategy, and revenue growth management workstreams in some of the toughest environments.  The unlock has always been data and objectivity - earn the right to pitch.  I can help your teams build a plan of action that leads to real results.

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